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Thread: No hunting again this year

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    No hunting again this year

    Well for at least 4 months if it works!! my Doctor talked to a back specialist and he's having her order a tens unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) AND an EMS unit (Electrical Muscle Stimulation). Now to see how much Insurance will pay - I'll have to be on them at least 4 months and hope it strengthens the muscles and reduces the tissue damage in the 2 areas on my back.

    I tried a unit they had in the office and those electrical impulses aren't fun to start!!

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    Aren't the pulses adjustable? I thought that if it starts hurting, it is no longer helping. If i recall correctly, it was supposed to be a strong as possible but not hurting so that you are stimulating the nerves, not electrocuting them.

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