• Goose Hunt in Bean Field

    Had a pretty good hunt with my brother, cousin, and a friend. Found a bean field they were feeding in with a grass waterway that ran to the middle. End of the waterway was flat and full of warm season grasses to hide the blind. Deployed 6 doz real geese pro series II silos. We were a little leary due to the proximity to the roost but it worked out okay. Had 100 ducks look at us, and a thousand snow geese settled into the corn field just north of us. Anyhow killed 15 before the wind died effectively ending our evening hunt. Did shoot a goose straight up and it almost hit the guy in the blind next to me. Bent the headrest on his layout blind.
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      Here are some more pictures my brother took that day

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      That looks like a lot of fun. We don't get to shoot Canadas here very often. The silos look good. I thought at first look you guys had some of the old Outlaw decoys.