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    by Published on 12-04-2013 07:35 PM

    This story is actually about a trip I made right about a year ago. I went Duck Hunting with Nick Shafer (Crappie predator on the forum). It wasn't just a Duck Hunting trip. A combo trip, we hunted in the morning and fished in the afternoon. We had such a great time we're doing it again in a couple weeks. This is the middle of the hunting season so I thought it would be appropriate to tell the story now.

    Nick told us this wasn't one of his most productive trips, but I thought we did just great. I think over two days we ended up shooting at least two dozen ducks. We certainly shot enough to make me want do it again. The whole experience was cool, dropping decoys, watching the dogs work. Just watching the dogs do their thing is awesome. You don't realize how much they love jumping in that ice cold water to retrieve ducks till you see them do it. They live for this. In fact, one of Nicks dogs always takes the long way around the boat to climb in. Seriously, the place to climb in could be right in front of him, yet he'd take a swim around the whole boat, and then climb aboard. It was almost worth the trip just to watch them work. Like a good pointer working a field.